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Gamergate and the three women

This is directed to those who oppose gamergate as a whole.

you say that we are against women. as if that is what gamergate want to talk about. Media is trying to tell everyone that is the case, But it is a lie! Because gamergate welcome females in game development, the supporters of gamergate and the rise of it, MADE the fine young capitalists POSSIBLE. And if you don’t know what that is, it is a project to get more women in to the industry, if that is not proof that gamergate support women in the industry, I am dumbfounded.

I also heard recently that when a movement is being labaled as a woman hating movement, because some assholes on the internet decided to threat a couple of women that has done some questionable things, that is is impossible to get rid of that stigma, and that we become a part of the problem, if we try to defend ourself. And at the same time this particular person says that if same thing happened to him, and his content he makes, he would stand up for it, and tell others that the loud people making threats and harrasment is not associated with him and his content, HIPOCRACY I TELL HIM! As that is exactly what we are doing.

The issue we have with these women is the following: They try to tell the media gamers are dead. they try to bully us in to submission, to admit that we hate women. How would you feel if you were being told you hated women. If you feel sad and dissepointed in the people flinging that at you, then you know how all of gamergate feels.
And that is the ethics of journalism we are talking about, we want them to hear our side of the argument, instead of just listening to these people and paint us as white cis male scum that hate women.

Also do you even know of notyourshield tag, it clearly shows that there is only a very small minority of women, who is getting badly treated on the internet, and in gaming, but and here is the big but. The only women in the industry I see being harrassed at the moment, and that I have personally heard and read about, are women who has in some way done something unethical, I am not saying that justifies harrasment, ofcourse it doesn’t. So I am going to go through the “big” 3 of the women.

Anita: Is being accused for being a con artist, because she says she doesn’t enjoy or like playing videogames yet talks about it as she would. She is also the center of the media, where media sides with her while at the same time condemning gamers because she is saying the games they play are anti women. Which is a lie. It takes a fool to not understand that criticism is being thrown at her. And that has made many gamers dissepointed in the media who believes in the lie. As that is one of the worst things I can imagine a journalism do.

Quinn: only the fact that some light where shed, on the relationships between developers and journalism. And one could very well argue that it is very unethical that a journalist is friend of a developers and at the same time writes for that developer.

Wu: She made fun of a group of people. how is that different to make fun of any other group of people?
But because we are being labaled as the bad guys, it was justified, for christ sake, she could admit she was mocking other people on the television without feeling ashamed and without being questioned from anyone other then the people she mocked!
Just let that sink in for a moment.

Again, the action of these 3 still does not justify harrasment, but it also does not justify the allies they have which is the god damn media. Which ignores the action these 3 has done, and only see that they are being harrassed for being women, and not for what they have unfortunatly done to others.
I wish the harrassement would stop and that the media would listen to us, as we present our side of the story, we wish the media to make proper research in this as we the gamergate supporters has done, I have seen better journalism and research from the gamergate crowd, then I have ever seen from any journalism EVER, and nobody of those I would praise that to, has a jouralistic degree! That is how fucked up todays journalism is.

I know more women then the 3 mentioned has been targeted for harrassment. I decided to choose those 3 as I have heard more about them, then others, and I don’t wish to be too inaccurate, and spread missinformation. *cough* media *cough*
I am sure the other women who has been targeted has also done something to justify criticism, but ofcourse can’t say this enough, nobody deserves to be harrassed. But it seems that with the internet, some people cannot criticise someone without making death threats, unfortunately, all of the gamergate supporters are being accused for being part in making these threats.
If someone could bring up cases where a women has been targeted for harrassment without doing anything other then being a women, please talk about those and shed some light on real unjustice, and stop making this all about a few women, who has done some rather stupid things which we all do as human beings.


Good job, Honoka.




Source: 1 2 If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts

marriage is fucked up



really all you need to know about the american health care system is that there’s a popular tv series where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills


This is my favorite thing in the whole fandom


RinMaki in Season One (ノ*゜▽゜*)

For anyone confused by a lot of the terms used on tumblr, here’s a brief summary


Internalized misogyny; Whenever a woman disagrees with another woman.

Misogyny; A man disagreeing with a woman

Misandry; Nothing but a harmless joke, without exception

Otherkin; People who are really into Dungeons & Dragons

POC; A person who’s been reduced to nothing but skin color

Privilege; White people

Cis/Cisgender; Neo-Nazis

Pronouns; Scrabble


Cappadocia, Turkey.


Cappadocia, Turkey.